Building relations as the characteristic feature of evangelical pedagogy

Barbara Adamczyk



Since the beginning of the history of the world, the truth about man as a being in relation has been known. In a wide range of relations we discover two categories of its meanings. The first one, marked with superficiality and self-interest, sets up the relations between two persons in the sphere of being closed to life. The second one, characterized by openness, another person’s good and the attitude of acceptance, aims at living and tasting life as a gift. The second type of relation defines pedagogical relation as a shared way of an educator and a pupil towards the height of humanity.

Relation with another man constitutes the first step in evangelical pedagogy, where Jesus is shown as the One, who goes to meet man and seeks him in various moments and events of his fate. To specify these deliberations, two biblical pericops – “The Rich Young Man” (Matthew 19, 16–22) and “The First Four Disciples Are Called” (Mark 1, 16–22) – may prove helpful. Building a pedagogical relation in these evangelical texts between Jesus – the Educator and the pupil is revealed in four stages: intentionality in building relations, ability to participate in an educational situation, willpower to get to know the pupil and a project for one’s own life. In addition, a universal message for contemporary education is shown in each of these stages.

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