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2014: Special Issue Leibniz and Socinianism Szczegóły   PDF (English)
Zbigniew Ogonowski
2014: Special Issue Was the Seventeenth‑Century Commonwealth an Anomaly among Other European States? Szczegóły   PDF (English)
Adam Manikowski
2014: Special Issue Urbino and Prądnik: Two Courts, Two Worlds Szczegóły   PDF (English)
Anna Gallewicz
2014: Special Issue Who Is the Ruler Here? Dispute between Danzig and Stephen Bathory on the Character of Power in the 16th‑Century Commonwealth Szczegóły   PDF (English)
Maciej Ptaszyński
2014: Special Issue Together or Apart? Integration Processes of Italian Immigrants in the Republic of Nobles Szczegóły   PDF (English)
Wojciech Tygielski
2014: Special Issue Denominational Composition of the Kievan Nobility 1569‑1648 Szczegóły   PDF (English)
Henryk Litwin
2014: Special Issue The Political and Social Culture of Sandomierz Nobility in the Light of Tomb Inscriptions Szczegóły   PDF (English)
Stanisław Grzybowski
2014: Special Issue The Polish Translation of Chapter XX of the Fourth Book of Institutio Christianae religionis of John Calvin Szczegóły   PDF (English)
Wojciech Kriegseisen
2014: Special Issue “Hurtful, venomous, ravening…”: Animals as a Threat in 16th‑ and 17th‑Century England. Selected Examples Szczegóły   PDF (English)
Paweł Rutkowski
2014: Special Issue “Golden Age” or Crisis? Florence in the Fifteenth Century and Savonarola’s Activity (discussion remarks on demagogy) Szczegóły   PDF (English)
Andrzej Wyrobisz
2014: Special Issue Unknown letters of the Metropolitan of Kiev Hipacy Pociej, an important source on the beginnings of the Brest Union Szczegóły   PDF (English)
Tomasz Kempa
2013: Special Issue Image of the Heretic in Late Medieval Poland Szczegóły   PDF (English)
Stanisław Bylina
2013: Special Issue Remarks on the Medieval and Renaissance ‘Contempt of the World’ and ‘Human Misery’ (Lotario – Poggio Bracciolini – Erasmus of Rotterdam) Szczegóły   PDF (English)
Juliusz Domański
2013: Special Issue The Attractiveness of Court Culture during the Jagiellonian Era Szczegóły   PDF (English)
Małgorzata Wilska
2013: Special Issue The Reformation and National Culture: Lithuania Szczegóły   PDF (English)
Henryk Wisner
2013: Special Issue Reformation Versus Nationality Problems in the Great Poland Province Before the Partitions of Poland Szczegóły   PDF (English)
Jolanta Dworzaczkowa
2013: Special Issue A Squire – A Sailor – A Sea Voyager. The Formation of Stereotypes in Old Polish Culture Szczegóły   PDF (English)
Janusz Tazbir
2013: Special Issue The Trial of Fausto Sozzini in Siena Szczegóły   PDF (English)
Lech Szczucki
2013: Special Issue Vaticinium de coniunctione Liliorum cum Aquila. The prophecy from Prognosticatio… of Johann Lichtenberger and its interpretation for Henri de Valois (1575) Szczegóły   PDF (English)
Ewa Kociszewska
2013: Special Issue Bartholomäus Keckermann (1572 1609). The Theology of the Reformation and the Logic Szczegóły   PDF (English)
Danilo Facca
2013: Special Issue Jan Makowski (1588-1644). Polish Theologian in Frisian Franeker Szczegóły   PDF (English)
Stefan Kiedroń
2013: Special Issue Non de Fide, Sed de Securitate Pacis. Faith and Politics in the Views of Protestants in the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth, 1631-32 Szczegóły   PDF (English)
Urszula Augustyniak
Vol 60 (2016): Special Issue A Contribution to the Question of Marcin Siennik’s Nationality Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Zbigniew Bela
Vol 61 (2017): Special Issue A Dangerous Domain: Bartholomew Keckermann on History and Historiography Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Wojciech Ryczek
Vol 60 (2016): Special Issue A Fine Piece of Arse. Solving Jan Kochanowski’s Gadka Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Radosław Grześkowiak
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