The procedure of reviewing publications

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 The procedure of reviewing articles published in the journal “Ordines Militares Ordines Militares Colloquia Torunensia Historica. Yearbook for the Study of the Military Orders” is as follows: Two independent reviewers from outside Nicolaus Copernicus University and Hamburg University  are appointed to define the academic value of each text sent to the editorial office. Each reviewer of a given text is an employee of scientific institutions  in the country other than the country of origin of the author of the article. Neither of the reviewers knows the identity of the other reviewer. The names of the reviewers of given texts remain secret and they are kept by the editorial team. However, in each volume there appears a list of reviewers cooperating with the editorial staff. Reviews are in a written form. To publish an article it is necessary to obtain the agreement of both reviewers who express and justify  their opinions concerning the academic nature and the scientific value of a reviewed text.


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ISSN (print) 0867-2008
ISSN (online) 2391-7512

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