The Transferability of Socialand Cultural Anthropology into the Diverse Field of Education in Differing EU Countries

Christa Markom



This paper discusses the EU project TRANSCA – Translating Socio-Cultural Anthropology into Education. The project shares current practices and ideas to help anthropology become more widespread in teacher education and subsequently, in schools. The paper questions selected concepts (e.g. Funds of Knowledge) and the intentions of translating anthropological knowledge for educational purposes because of the problematic notion of „translation” itself in anthropology.

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edukacja; transmisja; Europa

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Project JuMuW [You move]):


TRANSCA – Translating Socio-Cultural Anthropology into Education:

Trundle, C., Gibson, H., Bell, L. (2019). Vulnerable Articulations: the Opportunities and Challenges of Illness and Recovery. Anthropology & Medicine, 26(2), 197–212.


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