A norm-giver meets deontic action logic

Robert Trypuz, Piotr Kulicki

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12775/LLP.2011.003


In the paper we present a formal system motivated by a specific methodology of creating norms. According to the methodology, a norm-giver before establishing a set of norms should create a picture of the agent by creating his repertoire of actions. Then, knowing what the agent can do in particular situations, the norm-giver regulates these actions by assigning deontic qualifications to each of them. The set of norms created for each situation should respect (1) generally valid deontic principles being the theses of our logic and (2) facts from the ontology of action whose relevance for the systems of norms we postulate.


: deontic action logic; lawmaking; situations; agents’ abilities

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ISSN: 1425-3305 (print version)

ISSN: 2300-9802 (electronic version)

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