Bourne on future contingents and three-valued logic

Daisuke Kachi



Recently, Bourne constructed a system of three-valued logic that he supposed to replace Łukasiewicz’s three-valued logic in view of the problems of future contingents. In this paper, I will show first that Bourne’s system makes no improvement to Łukasiewicz’s system. However, finding some good motivations and lessons in his attempt, next I will suggest a better way of achieving his original goal in some sense. The crucial part of my way lies in reconsidering the significance of the intermediate truth-value so as to reconstruct Łukasiewicz’s three-valued logic as a kind of extensional modal logic based on partial logic.


Łukasiewicz; Bourne; three-valued logic; partial logic; truth-value gap; future contingents; alethic modality

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ISSN: 2300-9802 (electronic version)

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