Journal History

The origins of “Literatura Ludowa” as a journal devoted to folklore is connected with the 31st general meeting of the Polish Ethnological Society in September 1956, when the participants agreed that there was a need for a journal that would contribute to the rejuvenation of folkloristics as a discipline within the humanities. The first issue of that journal, under the title “Literatura Ludowa” and edited by Julian Krzyżanowski, was published in 1957. Julian Krzyżanowski, a literary scholar and one of the most prominent Polish folklorists, edited 11 annual volumes of “Literatura Ludowa”. Their editorial concept was related to Kolberg’s volumes: hence, the subsequent issues were focused on folk art, rural communities as creators of culture, and customs and traditions preserved in various parts of Poland. Some editorial difficulties (unrelated to the activities of the editorial board) resulted in the delay of the publication of the 1967 4/6 issue of the journal until 1970. That issue turned to be the last one. Therefore, in 1972, in agreement with Julian Krzyżanowski, Czesław Hernas became the Senior Editor of the journal and decided to modify its profile substantially by expanding its research field to new, not only peasants’, contributions to folklore and by paying more attention to contemporary times; new contexts, and in particular to popular culture; and to the latest methodological inspirations. That open and flexible format of “Literatura Ludowa” gained the acceptance and respect both of a large number of its usual collaborators and of authors that published their articles therein less frequently. In other words, Czesław Hernas’s editorial policy transformed the journal into an institution of the academic life. The journal has been regularly published until today. After Czesław Hernas’s death on 15th December, 2003, the position of the Senior Editor was taken over by Jolanta Ługowska.

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