Drzeworyt japoński a sprawa polska – o japońskich aspektach batalii o nową sztukę

Marta Maśka

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12775/LC.2014.028


The paper concerns Japanese art. Japanese woodcuts reached Europe during the times of change and the search for new opportunities in European art, which tried to break free from the strict rules of academic painting. Japonism reached Poland with a twenty-year delay. The Land of the Rising Sun was an inspiration for Olga Boznańska, Julian Fałat, Wojciech Weiss, Leon Wyczółkowski and Stanisław Wyspiański’s art. The Japanese style was quickly incorporated in the contemporary discussion about national style in art and the need to create the Polish school of painting. One of the greatest promoters of and speakers for Japonism was Feliks „Manggha” Jasieński.

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Japanese woodcuts; Olga Boznańska; Wojciech Weiss; Manggha

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