„Cokolwiek serca i afektu Pańskiego mieć dla siebie upraszam”*. Dzieje romansu księcia Janusza Aleksandra Sanguszki z jego sekretarzem Kazimierzem Chylińskim

Jarosław Pietrzak

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12775/KLIO.2013.049


The Romance between Prince Janusz Aleksander Sanguszko and his Secretary Kazimierz Chyliński


This article is concerned with the seldomly studied topic of the relationship between the successor to the Ostrogski estate, Janusz Aleksander Sanguszko, and his courtier Kazimierz Chyliński. While a queer history approach has been taken, this article is not limited to the examination of the two men’s relationship. Instead, the affair is contextualised against the backdrop of customs in pre-partition Poland where homosexual behaviour was condemned in equal measure in public opinion and through church ordinances. The relationship between Sanguszko and Chyliński was defined from the outset by inequality in rank, wealth, education and influence. Eventually, Chyliński’s increasing prestige allowed him to gain control over
the adminstration of business in the territory, influence several members, act as an intermediary between magnates and as the representative of minor noblemen and to influence considerably Janusz Aleksander Sanguszko’s decision-making. It was this economic and political power which attracted the jealousy of Sanguszko’s courtiers and the regional nobility and finally lead to Chyliński’s downfall as the
result of a conspiracy planned by Sanguszko’s father, Paweł Karol.

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