Oblicza modernizacji Drugiej Rzeczypospolitej na przykładzie informacyjnych aspektów ogłoszeń prasowych „Przewodnika Katolickiego” (1936) i „Małego Dziennika” (1937)

Olaf Bergmann

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12775/KLIO.2013.005


The article discusses a case of information about widely understood modernization of state and society in late 30’s of the 20th Century on an example of information contained at advertisements of those two magazines. One year’s issue of weekly newspaper („Przewonik Katolicki” from 1936) and daily one („Mały Dziennik” from 1937) have been chosen for query. Both magazines were formally and personally linked with Polish catholic Church. In the article concrete pieces of information, somehow connected with subject of modernization and also history and specificity of both newspapers have been analyzed. On this base it can be claimed that undoubtedly progressive development in the second half of 30’s could be seen in many areas of daily life – this private, personal but also those related with work or social life. In those specific sources the most seen fields or directions of modernization are: promotion of using electricity and electric devices, using gas and gas stoves, advertising modern vehicles and means of transport (bicycles, motorcycles, cars, airplanes), convenience food (made by huge international corporations), medication and cosmetics, promotion of activity-based tourism (trips and pilgrimages), sports equipment. The most seen are: radio, film (movies and cinemas) and photography. Also it can be observed that both magazines promoted modern (of course 80 years ago) methods ant techniques of sale and advertising goods and services.

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