Satyra na leniwych teologów, czyli o pewnych lekcjach z filozofii nieodrobionych od sześciuset lat

Marek Gensler



Satire against Slothful Theologians, or Certain Philosophy Lessons Unlearned for 600 Years

The participants of world outlook disputes in Poland often agree as regards one thing: the progress made by modernization is simultaneously the progress of Dechristianization, while all other issues vanish in the turmoil produced by the absence of a joint language that would make it possible to comprehend the arguments of the other side. The fault for this state of affairs lies with theologians who do not want to or cannot communicate in the language of nominalism, universally accepted by the exact sciences and a considerable part of philosophy. This is strange considering that in its past theology was capable of rapidly adopting and adroitly applying assorted philosophical languages, including that of nominalism, to whose origin and early development theologians contributed significantly during the Middle Ages. An analysis of relations between mediaeval Christianity and nominalism demonstrates how, after initial failures caused by attachment to Platonic and Aristotelian realism, theologians learned how to benefit from the new language; it also shows what was the reason why nominalism was abandoned and why no attempts were made at regaining it despite the actual or possible profits of its use.

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