Pożegnanie z monarchią habsburską

Jerzy Gaul

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12775/KH.2014.121.4.08


A Farewell to the Habsburg Monarchy

Od autonomii do niepodległości. Kształtowanie się postaw narodowych i politycznych społeczeństwa Galicji w warunkach Wielkiej Wojny 1914–1918 (Kielce 2012) by Jerzy Z. Pająk deals with the shaping of national awareness among the population of Galicia in 1914–1918, and pays particular attention to mutual relations between the Polish, Ukrainian, and Jewish communities and the course of their emancipation from the partitioning power. The national and political stances of the population of Galicia were also moulded by other important factors discussed by the author; an essential role was played by local Austrian authorities as well as their central counterparts in Vienna involved in decisions of key importance for the fate of Galicia. The political and national attitudes of the inhabitants of the Austrian partition area were also influenced by the Roman Catholic and Greek Catholic Churches. The author conducted extensive research in archives in Poland and Lviv. Much information about relations between the Poles and the authorities of the Habsburg monarchy as well as Ukrainian and Jewish neighbours is to be found in material omitted by Pająk and contained in the Austrian State Archives in Vienna (Allgemeines Verwaltungsarchiv, Kriegsarchiv, Haus-, Hofund Staatsarchiv). These sources refer to to numerous central institutions of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, such as the imperial cabinet, the Austrian government, assorted ministries, the supreme military command, and the Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence services.

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