Analysis of the safety of using e-cigarettes during pregnancy. The literature review

Piotr Artur Machowiec, Marcela Maksymowicz, Dominik Niemirski



Introduction and objective: The popularity of e-cigarettes around the world has been increasing in recent years. The reason for this may be a relatively lower cost of use and a lower amount of toxins compared to traditional cigarettes. E-cigarettes are more often picked by women of reproductive age compared to the general group of women.


Abbreviated description of the state of knowledge: According to recent studies, pregnant women consider e-cigarettes safer than tobacco cigarettes, which may be due to being advertised as a less harmful product compared to traditional cigarettes. Although some electronic cigarettes do not contain nicotine, they also consist of glycol, glycerin, fragrances and heavy metals that may adversely affect the development of the fetus. Furthermore, the statements of some significant healthcare institutions are divided on the safe use of e-cigarettes by pregnant women, even in the case of treating them as an aid in the smoking cessation process.


Summary: No clear understanding is noticed regarding the effects of using electronic nicotine delivery systems during pregnancy on maternal, fetal or newborn health, so there is a high need of further studies assessing the safety of these noncombustible tobacco products. However, it can be an feasible alternative to traditional cigarettes, when trying to quit smoking by pregnant women.


e-cigarettes; pregnancy; safety; fetus

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U. S. Food and Drug Administration. Section 1 of the Tobacco Control Act – Public Law 111-131 [H.R. 1256] [Available from:

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