Influence of negative redox potential on functional and biochemical processes of the kidneys at the polyuric stage of sublimate nephropathy

Yurii Rohovyi, Oksana Kolesnik



Goal. To find out the effect of water load of negative redox potential on the functional and biochemical processes of the kidneys in comparison with induced diuresis with ordinary tap water at the poliuric stage of sublimate nephropathy in hyponatric diets.

Materials and methods. In experiments on 60 white non-linear mature male rats in a hyposodium diet at the poliuric stage of sublimate nephropathy 72 hours after subcutaneous administration of sublimate at a dose of 5mg/kg per load of water with a negative redox potential (-232.0±25.12 mV) compared to induced diuresis with ordinary tap water (redox potential 88.7±18.35 mV), which ORP-meter was measured, lipid peroxidation, tissue fibrinolysis, succinate dehydrogenase activity, β-2-microglobulin reabsorption, excretory, ionoregulatory functions were studied, glomerular-tubular and tubular-tubular balance of the kidneys.

Results and discussion. According to the experience installed protective, antioxidant effects of water negative redox potential, which was manifested by the decrease in the level of diene conjugates, malonic aldehyde, the degree of swelling and damage by the ratio of K+/Na+ to the cortical substance of the kidney, improve the reabsorption of sodium ions, β-2-microglobulin in the proximal tubules with a reduction in the loss of this cation from urine by increasing the supply of electrons to the tubules of the kidneys. Improving the energy status of the proximal nephron in conditions experience increased activity of succinate dehydrogenase in the cortical portion of the kidney has led to the improvement of tissue fibrinolysis and processes glomerular-tubular and tubular-tubular balance with loss correlations, the relative water reabsorption from the glomerular filtration, absolute proximal and distal reabsorbtion of sodium ions.


poliuric stage sublimate nephropathy; kidney; water diuresis; renal function; water negative oxidation-reduction potential

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