Relationships between parameters of plasma lipoproteines profile and heart rate variability

Volodymyr Tsymbryla, Liliya Barylyak, Walery Zukow, Igor Popovych



Background. Relationships between parameters of plasma lipoproteines profile and heart rate variability (HRV) are one of the subjects of research at the Truskavetsian Scientific School of Balneology. The contradictions and ambiguities obtained results indicate that research in this area remains relevant. The purpose of this study is to analyze the canonical correlation between HRV parameters, on the one hand, and plasma lipoproteins profile parameters, on the other. Material and Methods. The object of observation were 20 volunteers: ten women and ten men aged 33-76 years without clinical diagnose but with dysfunction of neuro-endocrine-immune complex and metabolism, characteristic for premorbid state. We recorded twice electrocardiogram to assess the parameters of HRV (software and hardware complex "CardioLab+HRV"). Then we estimated plasma lipoproteines spectrum: High-, Law- and Very Law-Density Lipoproteines Cholesterol levels. Results. Found that plasma level of HD LP Cholesterol is upregulated by vagal influences, whereas sympathetic influences causes a downregulation. Constellation of HRV parameters determines its level by 17%. The VLD LP Cholesterol plasma level is upregulated by sympathetic influences and downregulated by vagal tone; determination rate is 22%. The maximum degree of sympathetic (directly) and vagus (inversely) determination was found in relation to LD LP Cholesterol plasma level (31%). In general, the state of autonomic nerve regulation determines the plasma lipid profile by 63%. Conclusion. The content of Cholesterol in the composition of lipoproteins of different density substantially subject to the regulatory influence of the autonomic nervous system.


High-, Law- and Very Law-Density Lipoproteines Cholesterol; HRV; Relationships.

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