Standing Height and Its Estimation Utilizing Length of Hand Measurements of Both Gender Adolescents from North Region of Kosovo; District of Mitrovica

Shpresa Memishi, Vullnet Ameti, Fitim Arifi



Purpose of this study was to examine the standing height of adolescents from district of Mitrovica north region of Kosovo, as well relationship between the length of the hand and standing height from both gender adolescents. A total measured subject participated in this research was 177 students from high school graduates (87 male and 90 female) females average of age is 18.28±0.45 years old (range 18-20 years) and for male 18.25±0.46 years old (range 18-20 years).The anthropometric measurements were done by trained people and were taken according to the ISAK manual. The results for body height and length of the hand were analyzed by means of the arithmetic mean (SD) and a simple correlation coefficient, while T-test analysis was used for differences between the two genders and linear regressive analysis assessed body height based on length of hand measurements. The results obtained in this paper have shown that body height can be estimated from the length of the hand, which reliably predicts body height for both genders.


Measurements; Body Height; Hand Length; Mitrovica; Genders

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