Dependence of interleukin-10 quantitative level from genetic polymorphism of toll-like receptors 2 (rs 5743708) in patients with herpes zoster

N. V. Onishchenko, O. V. Riabokon



Background. Herpes zoster is urgent problem of the present time, due to increased incidence of severe course with complications in immunocompetent persons, which leads to decrease quality of life and disability. Therefore, the aim of our work was to determine dependence of interleukin-10 concentration on the polymorphism of gene toll-like receptor 2 (rs 5743708) in patients with herpes zoster.

Materials and methods. The study included 50 patients with herpes zoster and 40 healthy people. The quantitative content of IL-10 in serum was determined by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, determination of single-nucleotide toll-like receptor 2 polymorphism in whole venous blood was performed by real-time polymerase chain reaction. Statistical processing was performed in program "STATISTICA for Windows 13" (StatSoft Inc., No. JPZ804I382130ARCN10-J).

Results. In patients with shingles were significantly more likely to detect AA-genotype of gene toll-like receptors 2 (p=0.02). Also AA-genotype was more frequently detected at moderate course of the disease (p = 0.03). It was revealed that in debut of the disease in patients with AA+AG-genotypes, concentration of IL-10 was more highest compared to healthy people and with carriers of GG-genotype (p<0,05). In dynamics there was decrease IL-10 level in serum in all patients, regardless of toll-like receptor 2 gene polymorphism (p<0.05). On discharge, IL-10 concentration remained elevated in all patients with shingles. It was found that IL-10 concentration in serum patients with herpes zoster at hospitalization had inverse correlation with single nucleotide polymorphism of toll-like receptor 2 gene (τ=-0.29, p=0,01).

Conclusions. The AA-genotype of toll-like receptor 2 gene (rs 5743708) is associated with a high chance of reactivation varicella zoster virus and manifestation shingles, moderate course. The allele A of toll-like receptor 2 gene is associated with highest IL-10 concentration, compared with carriers of GG-genotype and healthy people (p˂0,05).


herpes zoster; varicella zoster virus; concentration; interleukin-10; toll-like receptor 2; genetic polymorphism

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