Isabel Catez: Genésis de una Vocación

Antonio Kaddissy



Attempting to reconstruct the vocational path of Élisabeth Catez, let us enter the world of her letters. Through her spiritual writings, she helps us see a set of small missions that are seemingly isolated from one another. However, when they are combined we can observe that from Élisabeth’s perspective there was Someone who merged all the events of her into a one whole. This study aims at demonstrating that any religious vocation must go through a set of events related to the life of the given person. The world of spiritual events is parallel to the world of daily life. Indeed, an authentic religious calling is born within one’s normal life. In fact, speaking about vocations means speaking about minor challenges that will change into small missions leading to a serious, magnificent religious vocation.

Słowa kluczowe

powołanie; misja; itinerarium; rodzina; życie codzienne; natura; przyjaźnie; ofiara; radość

Pełny tekst:



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