Appetiti come energie disperse secondo la "Salita al Monte Carmelo" di San Giovanni della Croce

Andrzej Ruszała



The theme of appetites is without doubt one of the most important for John of the Cross. It is closely linked to the reality of original sin and its consequences in the life of man. Starting from this general vision based on the Ascent of Mount Carmel – in the article has been examined the significance and role of appetites. The reason for this unit and connection lies in the fact that John of the Cross, to give a classification of psychic phenomena, don’t start from a psychological level, nor, to analyze the moral dimension of the behavior, don’t part from the moral level, but goes deeper until you arrive at the theological level, from which the rest begins to deal with this topic.

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św. Jan od Krzyża;pożądania;oczyszczenie;umartwienie;wyrzeczenie;miłość

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