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Bio Statement Tanki Online is one of the most popular multiplayer online games to play on your browser. It’s developed by AlternativaPlatform. 

This is a tank game based on 3D browser and built on Flash technology.

 In this tank browser game, using 3D graphics and built on Flash technology, you guys combat each other online, making money and moving up in your careers, with your tank!
 As the game uses physics, tanks can’t move further into deep, large holes in the ground, turn over or drop down from the bridge. You can take part in struggles in the Deathmatch, build teams in the Team Deathmatch, or chase the Flag in the CTF mode. Destroy enemies, cure allies, capture flags and do other related things to earn experience points. The number of points you receive has to do with how high your rank is.
 A lot of weapons, armors, and bonuses are also featured in the game. New armor, supplies, turrets, and coats are unlocked in higher ranks. You can purchase all of them in the Garage for crystals - the special currency of the game. It’s possible for you to earn them in a battle, purchase them or have them as a present for inviting your friends into games.
 Review of Tanki Online game

1. Simple Rules

Tanki Online can be summarized in one word – simplicity.

 This game can be summarized in one word – simplicity. The maps are uncomplicated and easy to understand. There are often low, middle and high grounds, and some cliffs in the maps, which brings strategic advantages. Regarding the set of principles concerned with the nature and appreciation of beauty, there is something unsatisfactory. The buildings look blocky and the same. Plant leaves don’t look realistic. Overall, the maps in the game look bland and simplistic. It seems that their design is intended for function instead of detail.  
 The designs of the tanks are also really simple. They look stocky and bulky like dated first-person shooters. The newer gamers may poke fun at its look while for nostalgic gamers, it reminds of the good old days.  
 There are four simple modes in the game. The first one is Death Match. Here players can make their tanks more active and try to turn the tanks of other players to twisted metal. Team Death Match is the second mode of the game. In this mode, players team with one another to destroy the opposing team. In the third mode, Capture-the-Point, to win the game, teams are required to secure some points in the map given within a time limit. The final mode is Capture-the-Flag. Here players strive to prevent the enemy team from obtaining their flag. At the same time, attempt to steal theirs. As those modes are simple, the casual gamer can easily learn how to play it.
2. Game Controls

The game controls entirely rely on the keyboard. Like most online games no download that belong to FPS type, you use the WASD buttons to move the tank. What makes it different is aiming the tank’s cannon. While other tank games aim the cannon by using the mouse, it’s not the case for Tanki Online. To turn the cannon to the right and left, you use the > and the < buttons. Center it using the C button. It’s critical to know this simple thing as the camera solely goes in the same direction as the turret, let alone Tanki Online is viewed as a third-person shooter.  
 Press the space button to fire the cannon. While tanks are undoubtedly the most accurate apparatuses, it’s weird to aim by using the mouse. 
3. Tank Options

The game gives you some options when selecting what type of tank you want to control.

 As related to classes, the game gives you some options when selecting what type of tank you want to control. When it comes to the cannon, it’s possible for you to use One-Cartridge Cannon - the standard one with medium reload speed but can punch quite powerfully. A dual-barrel cannon can be used to shoot laser balls. In the case, reload times are not required, but their damage is, to some extent, weaker than other cannons when destroying farther opponents. Those wishing to approach closer when hitting their opponents can use freezing cannons and flamethrowers. For those wanting to blow up rivals at very long distances, use the rail-gun. Though it takes a while to load the gun, when it hits a rival, a substantial amount of their health will be gone. A medic cannon that heals allies is also available when you play in the matches related to the team.
 There are also tank hulls available for the players to use whenever or however they wish. More maneuverable hulls are weakly armored while it’s cumbersome to drive around with those with heavy armor. Specialty hulls have particular advantages – for example, having a turret be operated at a specific height, making it’s easier to spot rivals. The tank color can also be changed; aside from looking cool when you move the battleground, most of them are cosmetic and bring no strategic advantages.
 It’s possible for you to select and combine the cannons and hulls available and find out which combination fits your style of play. The customization gives the game some depth as you have a chance to develop the perfect tanks to use. You can also improve the cannons and hulls; this is a good touch as it gives another gameplay specialization level.
4.  The Game’s Ranking System

The ranking system in Tanki Online rewards players based on how well they perform on a specific battle on any of the modes. The players can use crystals that they are given to improve their hulls and cannons. Each hull and cannon have particular ratings in the areas, it can be enhanced further individually. For example, cannons have slower rates of firing, or handle damage without much skill when in specific distances than others. You can use crystals to upgrade the areas where the cannon you prefer lacks, or make the criteria your cannon already meets more effective. The game’s replay value is raised with this enhancement. Indeed, it’s possible for the players to spend hours choosing from a range of possibilities in order to boost their skills on their preferred combination of the hull and cannon. They also can try out numerous builds.
To Sum Up

One of the game’s pros is its easy-to-learn controls.

 Pros of Tanki Online:
    • Easy-to-learn controls

    • Different kinds of game modes

    • Multiple types of guns and tanks

    • Customizable and upgradeable guns and hulls– fast-paced gameplay

    • Best suited to nostalgia gamers

      • Ordinary-looking graphics and designs

      • Camera’s dependence on where the turret is facing

      • Quite clunky-feeling controls

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