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Tips to Buy Adjustable Dumbbells

"Holden" (2019-09-29)

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Dumbbells are one of the most exceptional pieces of exercise equipment that are definitely worth buying in order to make your exercise regimen more complete.  If you’re on the lookout for economical exercise tools that can build some solid muscle or tone a given part of their body, then the right choice is to get dumbbells. The next question on your mind must have been as to which type of dumbbell is the best, is the adjustable or the regular kind of dumbbells? The best choice would be the former as they are known to have significant advantages over the latter. This is because different weights can be used on a single pair of adjustable dumbbells and they can also be used for a wide variety of workouts wherein various muscles can be trained. Adjustable dumbbells therefore are a better option as you get to save a lot of space alongside saving the money that might have otherwise spent in buying fixed dumbbells.

How to Buy Adjustable Dumbbells


  • Before you purchase adjustable dumbbells, a number of features are to be considered, out of which the most important factor is safety. This is crucial because you are to lift heavy chunks of metal and you must ensure that the metal discs never get separated from the rod. One must always bear in mind that a dumbbell is more of an asset rather than a liability.

  • Another feature to be considered is whether or not the adjustable dumbbell is space saving. This is vital as storing the dumbbells when not in use can be a pain and also you get to enjoy greater liberty while working out with adjustable dumbbells. The best choice is to buy adjustable dumbbells that offer the largest weight for the minimum size.

  • You must also consider the length of the dumbbell as in the case of some exercises like overhead presses, the ends of the dumbbells can come quite close to one another with a margin of just a few centimeters.

  • Weight increment is another significant feature. The best choice would be accommodating a set of smaller increments as it is easily adjustable.

  • Ensure that the set of dumbbells you choose is easier to switch plate weights out rapidly, eliminating fuss. One definitely would not like their workout time to be cut down while changing weights at the cost of decreased heart rate and muscles getting cold while working out.

  • Also make sure that there is a durable method to hold on the plates and that they will not wear out six months down the line.

Dependable Sources while Purchasing

While buying a pair of adjustable dumbbells, make sure you have a quick glimpse of all the features such as a comfortable grip, durability, your preferred thickness of handles and an enduring coating. Also it is important that the length and size of the overall apparatus works well for all the exercises. No matter how much money you’re saving, if it is not user-friendly, it remains worthless.

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