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The e-book "Footprints in the Sand", adapted by Nguyen Phong, talks about ancient Egypt, asking questions about the connection between life.

The book depicts the ancient period of ancient Egyptian civilization through the account of Sinuhe. He was a physician of the poor, a royal physician, a son of an expatriate of the Nile and a teacher of several generations of Greek philosophers.

book cover

Book cover "Footprints in the sand". 

Historically, Sinuhe was an Egyptian legend and a mystery that modern historians have not been able to unravel. So far, one question remains open: How could an Egyptian in exile open a school in Athens, the cultural center of Greece?

Perhaps so, Sinuhe's life became the inspiration for many works, including Footprints in the sand . Each page of the book leads readers into the world one of the most ancient and mysterious civilizations on the planet: The country of Egypt under the Pharaohs. The lives of the people there, customs, rituals, beliefs ... of an era are reimagined in the eyes of readers under the pen of lively and seasoned pen and experienced experience of translators - authors Yuan Feng.

Sinuhe's life is an extraordinary journey spanning many Pharaohs and the length of the Nile. Each Pharaoh in particular and the rulers in general will have different ideals, philosophies and leadership. The struggle between war and peace, between choices that not only relates to human life but also determines the survival of a nation - or more broadly a civilization - is a challenge to Pharaoh's life. also face to face. Sinuhe witnesses, observes, records, contemplates and describes those "battles" for future generations to learn.

Above all, Sinuhe's image appeared to be a physician with "ten thousand questions why". He has endless curiosity about the world and the operation of the universe. He studied the Science of Life and received the Science of Death. He wanted to heal not only the body but also the soul. If his miraculous healing power had brought him to the Pharaohs (and even his enemies), his eagerness to learn and the ability to absorb knowledge would lead him out of Egypt and become a mentor. of many prominent Greek philosophers.

Rather than an adventure to ancient Egypt, the book is a record of the life, death and operation of the universe with an interesting metaphor: Life is like a guitar. Anyone can pluck the strings to make a sound, but in order to play a good piece, the person who plays has to understand the music and know how to play. We have the free will to live life as we wish, but those who understand the laws of the universe will know how to conform to these laws and maximize their potential. At that time, their life will be like a good song, although there are times of ups and downs, the third sound will always resound.

Translator Phong Phong real name is Vu Van Du. He left Vietnam to study in the United States in 1968, graduating with a master's degree in Biology and Computing. In addition to his main job as a senior engineer at Boeing for more than 20 years, he continues to study as a scientist at Camegie Mellon University and Seattle University. He teaches at several international universities in China, Korea, Japan ...

In parallel with his role as a scientist, Nguyen Phong is also a famous translator of a series of books on Eastern culture and spirituality, adapted from many works of Western scholars after the process of discovering and discovering spiritual values from the East such as: Journey to the East, Pearl shining in the lotus, Lotus on the snow, Flowers floating on the water, Mystical and Tibetan Taoist, Coming back from the light, Cloudy road through the land snow...

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