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The more semen a man ejaculates while having sex, the more intense his orgasm will be. That is just one reason a sexually-active man would want to maximize the volume of his semen. The next causes of this is increased fertility. The cyst of semen produces up to 62 percent to 74 percent, the prostate gland generates roughly 25 percent, and the bulbourethral glands produce about 1 percent of the sperm. Since the contribution of bulbourethral glands is so little, it makes sense to focus on the prostate gland and the exocrine gland to maximize their production.

It is advisable to consult your doctor before you begin a strict exercise program. If you are taking prescription therapies, talk to your doctor first before you take supplements or volume pills to maximize the volume of your semen. Read more below and see how to produce more sperm.

1. Drink enough amount of water each day to keep yourself hydrated. The normal recommended amount of water to take every day is six to eight glasses. Since semen is 90 percent water, you can see why it is so important. Avoid the use of alcohol and caffeine because it dehydrates your system.

2. Stop smoking to maximize the volume of your male sperm. Smoking restricts your circulation, including the movement of blood to your penis. Slacks and underwear can lead to reduction of blood flow in your genitals.

3. Exercise regularly. It will enhance the movement of blood to your penis. It will also maximize the quantity of androgenic hormone that your bodies produce. Exercise will not only increase the volume of your male sperm, but it will also promote your sex drive. Also eat plenty foods that are high in zinc content to produce more sperm як збільшити кількість сперми.

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