Marlena Jabłońska, New challenges for archives: social communication and public relations

Wiesława Kwiatkowska



The monograph  Nowe wyzwania archiwów. Komunikacja społeczna i public relations by Marlena Jabłońska  published in 2016 may attract the interest of not only archivists, but also librarians. It constitutes a model to show social communication and public relations as the philosophy of management  in the context of activities carried out by archives, which should improve the archives’ work and change their social reception. The solutions suggested here may be used in practice; they should be treated with flexibility and adjusted to a given archive, its resources and needs. This new outlook on the archives overlaps with the changes that have been taking place in the archives in the recent years. Technological revolution entails modifications in the archives’ work, using more and more modern management tools, which have already been successfully employed by other institutions, including libraries. The monograph was written with a vivid and emotional language, which is the evidence of the author’s involvement in the subject matter and the proposals she puts forward. The management issues, so difficult for archivists, have been presented in a clear and transparent manner. The monograph also includes a number of drawings and tables prepared by the author. They illustrate the issues addressed in the monograph and make it easier to understand the conclusions. The books was carefully prepared and published by Wydawnictwo Naukowe UMK [the Scientific Publishing House of Nicolaus Copernics University], which received a distinction in the competition organized by the Association of Higher Education Publishers in 2017.


archives; archival science; archival studies; functions of archives; social communication; public relations; review; management of archives

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