The statutory prohibition of advertising of the pharmacy and its activity: legal and economic approach

Michał Jachowicz, Michał Kobylarz, Piotr Podsiadło



Motivation: On a macroeconomic scale, competitiveness is conditioned by both the actions of institutions at the central level, decisions taken by the legislative and executive authorities, as well as the potential of entrepreneurship, which is diversified depending on the level of socio-economic development of society. In turn, the economic, legal and administrative environment created by the state has a significant influence on the possibilities and way of conducting economic activity, because this environment shapes the external factors of the enterprises competitiveness.

Aim: The purpose of this article is the legal-economic analysis regarding advertising of pharmacies and their activities, taking into account a broad spectrum of doctrinal and jurisdiction views. The subject of the analysis is the function and significance of advertising as shaping the potential of enterprise competitiveness in the context of pharmacy activity. The article uses the method of legal regulation analysis.

Results: Taking into account the admissibility of the statutory limitation of the principles of shaping an enterprise competitiveness potential, the necessity should be emphasized of correct interpretation of the law, taking into account the objectives of the introduced restriction and applying only a proportional and adequate mechanism for sanctioning its infringements. In the context of the activities of pharmacies, as public health care facilities, the above remarks have special significance. The undisputed supremacy of the public purpose of a pharmacy activity can not deny the importance of an economic goal as the basic mechanism of an enterprise activity, the achievement of which is an economic guarantee of the public purpose implementation.


advertising; competitiveness; enterprises; national economy; pharmacy activity

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