Ryszard Wiśniewski



The article  takes into consideration the problem of limited functions of professional ethics in area of moral aspects of labor. Author takes as starting point of his considerations an interior multifarious of labor relations. Beside of economical aspect of labor and exchange of  fruits of human labor, its moral aspect is considered as very important. An area of knowledge and instrument controlling moral aspect of labor is ethics.

Author assumes the need of clear distinction between ethics and morality. The author mean (understand) by ethics an external normative system making criteria of human conduct. Morality is interpreted as an internal stimulator of human conduct based on his conscience. Ethical dimension of human conduct belongs on internal moral approval of requirements of normative system, if it express respect for labor and dignity of man.

Moral space of labor is essentially connected with morality. An organization of labor heads to harmonize utility and market value with moral (personal) dimension of labor. If man likes his work and feels its importance and honest assessment, he spreads this valuation on area of labor other people and the good of community. Author is convicted that human relations in social space of labor essentially affects on moral attitudes of society, but administration of it shouldn’t constrain to instrumental and institutional functions of code or professional ethics. Therefore  author claims that professional ethics needs more moral reflection, ethical education and moral leadership in area of labor relations.

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