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No 30 (2017) Des msw nsw de Thoutmosis III à Deir el-Bahari Abstrakt   PDF (Français)
Nathalie Beaux
No 30 (2017) Nuovi dati sugli edifici termali di Sabratha Abstrakt   PDF (Italiano)
Rosa Maria Bonacasa Carra, Nicola Bonacasa
No 30 (2017) A Fragmentary Carrying Chair Scene in Salt Lake City, Utah Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Edward Brovarski
No 30 (2017) Wall Painting Decoration from the North-West Church in Hippos-Sussita of the Decapolis Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Julia Burdajewicz
No 30 (2017) From Pagan Temple to Church in Late Antiquity Palestine A View from Hippos-Sussita Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Mariusz Burdajewicz
No 30 (2017) Early Dynastic Bead Workshops at the Central Kom of Tell el-Farkha Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Marek Chłodnicki
No 30 (2017) Observations on the Architecture of the Tomb of Horhotep in Western Thebes Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Patryk Chudzik, Mariusz Caban
No 30 (2017) New Discoveries at Tell el-Farkha and the Beginnings of the Egyptian State Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Krzysztof Marek Ciałowicz
No 30 (2017) Four Wooden New Kingdom Female Statuettes in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Amr El-Tiebi
No 30 (2017) Ritual Marriage Alliances and Consolidation of Power in Middle Egypt during the Middle Kingdom Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Naguib Kanawati
No 30 (2017) A Faction Acclamation Incised on a Pithos Found Near the North-West Church at Hippos (Sussita) Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Adam Łajtar, Jolanta Młynarczyk
No 30 (2017) Two Private Prayers in Wall Inscriptions in the Faras Cathedral Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Adam Łajtar, Grzegorz Ochała
No 30 (2017) Medicinal Vessels from Tell Atrib (Egypt) Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Adam Łajtar, Anna Południkiewicz
No 30 (2017) Petrographic Variability of the Fabrics of Wine Jars from Sha‘ar-Ha Ἁmakim as a Reflection of Differences in Their Provenance and Chronology Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Jacek Michniewicz, Jolanta Młynarczyk
No 30 (2017) Les importations d’amphores Dressel 20 en Gaule Cisalpine Abstrakt   PDF (Français)
Iwona Modrzewska-Pianetti
No 30 (2017) Samaria-Sebaste Portrait of a polis in the Heart of Samaria Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Arthur Segal
No 30 (2017) The Motif of a ‘Blind Harper’ in an Unexpected Place Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Joachim Śliwa
No 30 (2017) Searching for the Kitchen in the Early Roman Phase of the ‘Hellenistic’ House at Nea Paphos (Cyprus) Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Monika Więch
No 31 (2018) A Bulb of Narcissus on the Egyptian Mummy from University of Wrocław Collection Abstrakt   PDF
Krzysztof Borysławski, Anna Niwińska, Andrzej Niwiński, Agnieszka Tomaszewska, Krystyna Wasylikowa, Agnieszka Żelaźniewicz
No 31 (2018) A Clay Gladius Scabbard from Area 13c in the Ancient Roman Town of Syene Abstrakt   PDF
Mariola Hepa
No 30 (2017) A Label for Opening of the Mouth Implements from the Burial of Senneferi (TT99) and Remarks on the Ritual Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Briant Bohleke, Nigel Strudwick
No 32 (2019) A Man in a Vessel, Once More Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Karel C. Innemée
No 32 (2019) A Possible Monastery and the ‘Upper Maqs’ at Ukma-Akasha West? Abstrakt   PDF (English)
David N. Edwards
No 32 (2019) An Old Nubian Curse from the Faras Cathedral Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei
No 32 (2019) Attributes, Vestments, Context and Inscription in the Identification of Nubian Paintings: Proposing the ‘Multi-Layer’ Image Recognition Method Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Magdalena Łaptaś
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