Pain Infliction, Inflictors and Healers in Egyptian Religious, Magical and Literary Perceptions

Amgad Joseph



This paper aims at discussing the aetiology, etymology, characteristics and phraseology of pain feeling, infliction and healing in ancient Egyptian religious, magical and literary texts. It examines the roles of the inflictors of pain and their effect on those who were vulnerable to their infliction. It also discusses the roles of the pain healers. Furthermore, it explains the notion of pain infliction and analyses the types of pain, revealing its experience in ancient Egypt. It discusses how it felt, was conceptualised, generated, assessed, how deities, demons, dead and living individuals inflicted and healed it. In relevant contexts, it discusses the places where pain was inflicted and the consequences of such infliction.

Słowa kluczowe

ancient Egypt; pain; religious texts; magical texts; medical texts; literary texts

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