Searching for the Kitchen in the Early Roman Phase of the ‘Hellenistic’ House at Nea Paphos (Cyprus)

Monika Więch



This paper presents the first preliminary study of cooking wares from the early Roman phase of destruction of the ‘Hellenistic’ House at the Nea Paphos site of Maloutena. The collection of fifteen cooking vessels was discovered in situ in room 22, between and in front of the stone blocks – most probably table supports; another two were found in room 23. The assemblage contains mostly deep, globular pots from Cyprus, but also Italian lids and an orlo bifido pan, as well as two Aegean cooking vessels (one globular pot and one baking dish). The large quantity of cooking pottery allow us to consider a kitchen function for rooms 22 and 23.

Słowa kluczowe

early Roman Cyprus; Nea Paphos; ‘Hellenistic’ House; cooking ware; Cypriot cooking ware; Aegean cooking ware; Pompeian red ware

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