Les importations d’amphores Dressel 20 en Gaule Cisalpine

Iwona Modrzewska-Pianetti

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12775/EtudTrav.30.018


José Remesal Rodríguez examined question of Baetica olive oil imports in Germania and Rome but lacked data on Cisalpine Gaul. This study aims at supplementing the data on import of Baetica olive oil to Northern Italy. As a result of a query in deposits in Friuli and Veneto a map of distribution of amphorae type Dressel 20 on the mainland was established. The image complements data concerning Transpadana and Transalpine Gaul. A map showing finds of Baetica amphorae in the Venetian Lagoon also arose. The lagoons of the Upper Adriatic were used for a transportation of goods to Aquileia, Concordia, Altino, Oderzo, Este and Verona. Dressel 20 amphorae are most numerous in Aquileia. In remaining cities of the Adriatic coast only single pieces of amphorae for olive oil were spotted. Analysis of these amphorae deposits enabled construction of a hypothesis on the existence of microregions in imports of goods to areas of Cisalpine Gaul during the Roman period.

Słowa kluczowe

Roman period; Cisalpine; Transalpine; Transpadana; olive oil imports; amphorae Dressel 20; commercial microregions

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