Des msw nsw de Thoutmosis III à Deir el-Bahari

Nathalie Beaux



Fragments of several identical women holding sistrum and menat necklaces have been found at Deir el-Bahari. These representations were carved on sandstone, erased and recarved after the Amarna period. Proportions and depiction are here very similar to the msw nsw of Thutmose III at Karnak, where they appear behind the king as he dedicates splendid offerings to Amun-Re on the north wall of the corridor with the Annals. Both scenes are studied and their meaning explored. The fragments, certainly from Thutmose III temple at Deir el-Bahari, may have come from his Hathor shrine.

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Thutmose III; Deir el-Bahari; Karnak; Hathor; msw nsw; royal princesses; sistrum; menat

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