The Hypothesis of Jobless Economic Growth in the Global Triad Countries

Piotr Misztal



The aim of the study is to analyze the hypothesis of jobless economic growth in economic theory and in the Global Triad countries (U.S. , EU-15, Japan, China , India). In the article the research method based on the literature study in the field of macroeconomics and international finance were used, as well as econometric methods (Ordinary Least Squares). All the statistics used in the study had an annual frequency and covered the period from 1990 to 2012. These data came from the statistical database of the Business Membership and Research Association – The Conference Board Total Economy Database. On the basis of the study the phenomenon of jobless economic growth in China and India was revealed. However, in the case of the USA, the EU-15 and Japan the positive impact of economic growth on changes in employment was confirmed.


economic growth, employment, Okun 's law

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