Activity Of Companies In Innovation Networks

Małgorzata Dolińska



Innovation networks can be understood as an organization in which two or more independent firms aim at joint research, development or spreading of innovations. In such a relatively stable and cooperative collaboration, the partner firms find support during one or more activities of the innovation process, which may increase their innovation performance (Dilk, Gleich, Wald 2008, p. 693). Relationships of innovative companies with partners in networks are based on development and transfer knowledge, which is used in innovation processes. With development of innovations in the network, knowledge and other resources are multiplied. The objective of this work is to explore cooperative relationships of companies with partners during innovation process execution within the network’s framework. This paper analyzes the impact of these relationships on the  development of innovative companies, as well as also attempts to describe synergy effects of cooperation between partners in innovation networks. Questionnaire research on this subject was conducted in Lubelskie region in 2009. Summary results of these research are  described in this work


innovation process; innovation network; company

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