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Vol 18 (2013) Metabolic potential of microorganisms associated with the halophyte Aster tripolium L. in saline soils Abstract   PDF
Sonia Szymańska, Agnieszka Piernik, Katarzyna Hrynkiewicz
Vol 29, No 3 (2018) Microorganisms from harsh and extreme environments: a collection of living strains at ACUF (Naples, Italy) Abstract   PDF
Luigi D’Elia, Angelo Del Mondo, Mariano Santoro, Antonino De Natale, Gabriele Pinto, Antonino Pollio
Vol 20 (2014) Mites (Acari, Oribatida) of selected organic farms from the Kujawy-Pomerania Province Abstract   PDF
Konrad Majtka, Radomir Graczyk, Hanna Szczukowska, Jarosław Kowalski
Vol 29, No 1 (2018) Model of anthropogenic disturbance impact on the relationships between vegetation and population dynamics of Carex digitata Abstract   PDF
Grażyna Łaska
Vol 30, No 1 (2019) Modeling the additive stand biomass of Larix spp. for Eurasia Abstract   PDF
Vladimir Аndreevich Usoltsev, Seyed Omid Reza Shobairi, Viktor Petrovich Chasovskikh
Vol 11 (2009) Modeling the transport of Saharan dust toward the Mediterranean region: an important issue for its ecological implications Abstract   PDF
Angelo Riccio, Elena Chianese, Laura Tositti, Daniela Baldacci, Silvia Sandrini
Vol 10 (2008) Modelling the interplay of environment, economy and resources in Marine Protected Areas. A case study in Southern Italy Abstract   PDF
Pier Paolo Franzese, Giovanni Fulvio Russo, Sergio Ulgiati
Vol 10 (2008) Models and modelling Abstract   PDF
Jerzy Wołek
Vol 26 (2017) Modern pollen data from pristine taiga forest of Pechora-Ilych state nature biosphere reserve (Komi republic, Russia): first results Abstract   PDF
Olga Lisitsyna, Nikolay Smirnov, Aleksey Aleynikov
Vol 26 (2017) Modern pollen data from Tuchola Forest Abstract   PDF
Anna Filbrandt-Czaja
Vol 15, No 1 (2011) Modern pollen rain in heathlands and adjacent forest phytocoenoses in Northern and Central Poland Abstract   PDF
Andrzej Nienartowicz, Anna Filbrandt-Czaja, Agnieszka Piernik, Piotr Jabłoński, Mieczysław Kunz, Miłosz Deptuła
Vol 11 (2009) Molecular methods as ways of dealing with terminological difficulties in fungal ecology Abstract   PDF
Julia Budziszewska, Joanna Piątkowska
Vol 13 (2010) Monitoring change in land use and land cover in Rupnagar district of Punjab, India using Landsat and IRS LISS III satellite data Abstract   PDF
Chander Kumar Singh, Satyanarayan Shashtri, Saumitra Mukherjee, Ram Avtar, Sudhir Kumar Singh
Vol 14 (2011): Ecology of Halophytes and Saline Habitats Morphometric parameters of Phragmites australis as indicators of soil salinity: habitat and remote sensing approach as exemplified by brine-supplied salt marshes in the Parsęta Valley (NW Poland) Abstract   PDF
Beata Bosiacka, Paweł Pieńkowski, Marek Podlasiński
Vol 15, No 1 (2011) Multi-use of the white mulberry (Morus alba L.) Abstract   PDF
Małgorzata Łochyńska, Grzegorz Oleszak
Vol 18 (2013) Mycorrhizal status of forest trees grown in urban and rural environments in Poland Abstract   PDF
Jolanta Tyburska, Anna Frymark-Szymkowiak, Magdalena Kulczyk-Skrzeszewska, Barbara Kieliszewska-Rokicka
Vol 23 (2016) Mycorrhizal status of selected herbaceous plants in Molinia meadows of Folusz, near Szubin (Poland) Abstract   PDF
Natalia Stokłosa, Ewa Krasicka-Korczyńska, Barbara Kieliszewska-Rokicka
Vol 30, No 4 (2019) Natural disturbances of the structure of Norway spruce forests in Europe and their impact on the preservation of epixylic lichen diversity: A review Abstract   PDF
Magdalena Tanona, Paweł Czarnota
Vol 11 (2009) Nestedness analysis as a tool to identify ecological gradients Abstract   PDF
Werner Ulrich
Vol 13 (2010) Nesting interactions of the social wasp Dolichovespula saxonica [F.] (Hymenoptera: Vespinae) in wooden nest boxes for birds in the forest reserve „Las Piwnicki” in the Chełmno Land (Northern Poland) Abstract   PDF
Tadeusz Pawlikowski, Krzysztof Pawlikowski
Vol 22 (2015) New localities and habitat preferences of common milkweed Asclepias syriaca L. in Toruń (Central Poland) Abstract   PDF
Lucjan Rutkowski, Dariusz Kamiński, Andrzej Nienartowicz, Anna Filbrandt-Czaja, Edyta Adamska, Miłosz Deptuła
Vol 11 (2009) New methods applied to interpretations of pollen data in the Holocene - selected examples from the last decade Abstract   PDF
Irena A. Pidek, Anna Filbrandt-Czaja, Agnieszka M. Noryśkiewicz, Bożena Noryśkiewicz, Satu Räsänen
Vol 30, No 2 (2019) Northwest Caucasus forest spreading evaluation by GIS modeling and historical and geographic data analysis Abstract   PDF
Nikolaj Evgen'evich Shevchenko, Anna Petrovna Geraskina
Vol 31, No 1 (2020) Notes on the discovery and ecology of the invasive armoured catfish Pterygoplichthys disjunctivus (Weber, 1991) and the exotic cichlid Amphilophus trimaculatus (Gunther, 1867) from Southern West Bengal, India Abstract   PDF
Priyankar Chakraborty, Suktara Chakrabarti, Prasun Mukherjee, Kranti Yardi, Subhankar Das
Vol 19 (2014) Notes on the genus Thelidium (Verrucariaceae, lichenized Ascomycota) in the Kujawy region (north-central Poland) Abstract   PDF
Mirosława Ceynowa-Giełdon, Edyta Adamska
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