Evaluation of a potential candidate for heavy metal phytostabilization in polluted sites of the Mediterranean littoral (SE Marseille): endomycorrhizal status, fitness biomarkers and metal content of Atriplex halimus spontaneous populations

Isabelle Laffont-Schwob, Gabriel d’Enjoy-Weinkammerer, Anca Pricop, Pascale Prudent, Véronique Masotti, Jacques Rabier

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12775/v10090-011-0025-4


This study showed that Atriplex halimus forms endomycorrhizae on heavy metal polluted-soils. But no variation of chlorophylls content in leaves was observed. Only low concentrations of heavy metals were found in leaves compared with the high levels of pollutants in the soil. A. halimus appears as a good candidate for phytostabilization of heavy metals in brackish soils.


Mediterranean saltbush; endosymbionts; heavy metal; phytoremediation

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