Aksjologia Konstytucji RP, czyli od wartości do prawa pozytywnego

Piotr Ruczkowski

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12775/DP.2021.005


The purpose of the study is to analyse the axiological premises of the Constitution of the Republic
of Poland. The values expressed in the Constitution are crucial to the entire legal system in
a given country, including particular fields and areas of law. In other words, the values expressed
in the constitution should also be reflected in the rules of law that are binding in Poland. There
is no doubt that a correct understanding of the Constitution and other law acts is contingent on
the right understanding of the constitutional values. Axiology is relevant to law. Law refers to
values and it should be made, interpreted and evaluated in the light of values. The above statement
refers also to the Constitution of the Republic of Poland. Since the key values of the entire
legal system are embedded in the Basic Law, a dispute concerning the constitutional values is in
effect a dispute about the whole legal system.

Słowa kluczowe

aksjologia Konstytucji RP; wartości w prawie; zasady konstytucyjne; Konstytucja RP; tworzenie prawa; aksjologia

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