,,Prawo do godnej ludzkiej egzystencji” w myśli rosyjskich liberałów pierwszej połowy XX wieku

Marcin Jędrysiak

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12775/DP.2021.002


Russian liberalism differs significantly from European liberalism. One aspect where this difference
is most clearly marked is the acceptance by Russian liberals of socialism as the ultimate
form of the socio-economic system. At the same time, they wanted to give socialism a legal
form, which has not yet been achieved in European thought. The legal form of socialism was to
be the so-called the right to a dignified human existence. The term was coined by the Slavophilic
thinker Włodzimierz Solowjow and adapted to his own ideas by a number of Russian liberal
thinkers: Paweł Nowgorodtsev, Józef Pokrowski, Bohdan Kistiakowski and Sergiusz Hessen. The
paper indicates how the content of the “right to a dignified human existence” was formulated
and how it had significance for the views of Russian lawyers on the rule of law and the socioeconomic

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Rosja; liberalizm; socjalizm; prawa człowieka; prawa socjalne; państwo prawa

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