A Reply to Łukasz Dominiak’s and Tomasz Szczęsny’s Brain Death in Japan: A Critical Approach

Igor Wysocki

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12775/DP.2016.028


In this rejoinder I will critically evaluate Dominiak’s arguments as they unravel in his exquisite and well-argued paper Brain Death in Japan: A Critical Approach, which was, incidentally, co-authored by Szczęsny. The order of my replies will reflect the order of Dominiak’s points in his original paper. Moreover, I will not only point to some inaccuracies appearing there but also will try to illuminate their sources and ramifications. Finally, I will indicate whether the criticism is theoretically or practically oriented since at times theoretical problems will prove to be irrelevant as far as the medical practice goes.

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philosophy, brain death, Japan, bioethics, Dominiak, Szczęsny, rejoinder

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Dominiak Ł., Szczęsny T., Brain Death in Japan: A Critical Approach, in: Ł. Dominiak, Ł. Perlikowski, Sprawiedliwość – tożsamość – racjonalność. Wybrane problemy filozofii polityki, Societas et Ius, Toruń 2016.

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