Ewolucja stanowiska rządu Tadeusza Mazowieckiego w sprawie obecności Polski w Układzie Warszawskim oraz stacjonowania na jej terytorium wojsk sowieckich

Antoni Dudek

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12775/DN.2015.4.08


The Evolution of the Stand of the Tadeusz Mazowiecki Cabinet Regarding the Presence of Poland in the Warsaw Pact and the Stationing of Soviet Troops on Polish Territory

While assuming the office of prime minister in August 1989 Tadeusz Mazowiecki declared that Poland would remain a loyal member of the Warsaw Pact and that his government would accept the presence of Soviet troops on Polish territory. The article analyses the reasons why – despite an announcement made by the Soviet government in February 1990 about its readiness to embark upon negotiations concerning the status of the Soviet Army in Poland – the Mazowiecki cabinet delayed the inauguration of the talks until September. The author also discussed the evolution of the stand represented by the Polish cabinet regarding the participation of Poland in the Warsaw Pact. Finally, he analysed the dispute concerning the justification of using the term: “Finlandization” in reference to the first phase of the Eastern policy of the Mazowiecki cabinet.

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