Comparative Studies of Canon Law

Bartosz Rakoczy



To sum up, it should be noted that comparative studies of canon law can be carried out in various directions, starting from families of laws and ending with the theory of philosophy and practice. Canon law practice itself recognizes the need for such studies although their purpose is different from that of typical comparative studies. Identification of canon law as a system of law is crucial to canon law practitioners. It should be achieved by searching for specific elements in secular legal systems.
Comparative studies of canon law can be divided into external and internal studies. The first compare canon law either with secular legal orders or with other systems of confessional law. Internal comparative studies focus on internal comparative analyses of canon law. They can also be carried out with reference to the law of the Latin Church and the Eastern Churches and with reference to particular law and the internal law of institutes of consecrated life and societies of apostolic life.


canon law; comparative studies in canon law; theory of canon law

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