Crises as Factors Motivating Changes in Creating Public Policy in the European Communities / European Union

Radosław Potorski



The purpose of this text is to present the results of a research in which the author analysed succeeding crisis situations that could constitute the basis for some of the changes in the political system of the EC/EU and subsequently made an attempt to delineate a certain scheme behind such behaviours. It is justified to seek the answer to the following question: What is the underlying reason for introducing changes in such situations and is it possible to pinpoint certain shared elements in different cases?

To achieve that goal the author takes a closer look on the “empty chair” crisis, Schengen Area crisis and the recent financial crisis in Europe. In order to confirm the actual value of the conducted research, the author will make an attempt to relate his observations to the current geopolitical situation in Eastern Europe with reference to the EU competences in the existing political system.

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European Union; public policy; multilevel system; systemic crisis; financial crisis in Europe; Ukraine

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