Kurdish Diaspora Politics in Globalising Processes

Ann-Catrin Emanuelsson

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12775/18256


The article presents the constructive role of the Kurdish diaspora organisations (from 1978 to 2002) and their progress from exclusive nationalism to successively accommodating what has been called “post-national thinking. On the basis of Michael Keating and John McGarry’s research, the author analyses how transnational integration and other challenges to the nationstate both encourage the revival of stateless nationalisms and simultaneously provide new means for its realization. The Kurdish diaspora organisations shown in this study represent a global-wide processes of change in the nature and form of political organisations that question the principles of centralised state supremacy and permanence of bonds between territories and people. The author demonstrates the transition in the policy of those organizations, which withdrew from the projects of complete Kurdish independence and instead included human right principles and cultural and political pluralism as important frames of reference for their strategies, activities, and relations. The author also presents the changes in the Middle East, including Turkey and Iraq, in relation to the Kurds and their political engagement.

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Kurdish diaspora; Middle East; nationalism; integration; human rights; political pluralism


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