Traktat o rzeczach ostatecznych św. Pawła Apostoła w 1 Liście do Koryntian (1 Kor 15).

Tomasz Tułodziecki



1 Corinthians 15 can confidently be described as the most mature treatise on the resurrection of the dead by Paul the Apostle. The pretext for writing this text was the attitude of some Corinthians who claimed that avna,stasij nekrw/n ouvk e;stin (1 Cor 15:12). From tradition, namely, from the death and resurrection of Christ the Lord, which for Christians became the foundation of faith, St. Paul argues for the universal resurrection of the dead. The very fact of the resurrection is understood by the Apostle not only as an individual act of a great hero who will allow his chosen ones to participate in a new life but also as a universal fact, similar to the creation of the first man - Adam. It will also be the act of inaugurating end time by God. The first part (1 Cor 15) answers whether and when the resurrection will take place. The second one begins with 1 Cor 15:35 and asks a second vital question: How are those who died resurrected from the dead? Is a resurrection of the body even possible?  Although St. Paul sees a continuation between the old and the new creation, he rejects the similarity of the psychical and physical nature of man to the spiritual body of the Risen Christ. The entire treatise of 1 Cor concludes with the apocalyptic pericope  (1 Cor 15:50-58). In a very personal manner applying the pronoun “we”  (h`mei/j), the author emphasizes the fundamental truth whether before death (some) or after death (all of us) will be transformed (a,ntej de. avllaghso,meqa) towards eternal life and immortality.

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