Zagadnienia konserwacji i restauracji iluzjonistycznych dekoracji teatralnych jako malarstwa wielkoformatowego szczególnego typu. Ewolucja postaw i metod

Elżbieta Szmit-Naud



Painted, illusionist stage sceneries are special pictorial works of art, both in terms of their structure, technique of execution, size, function, and the fact that the “object” in their case is not a single element but a set constituting a stage setting, the values of which are preserved in the conditions of the stage or close to the stage. This text introduces the conservation issues and shows how the material conditions and the function determine not only the state but also the value of these historic objects. The process of their recognition as worth preserving heritage is also outlined. The conservation and restoration treatments carried out so far on eleven collections are depicted in a summary emphasizing the influence of gradual recognition of the value of these specific paintings on the evolution of conservation attitudes, implying the choice of proper methods and means of conservation.

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