Technologia i technika malarska wybranych temper kazeinowych w malarstwie sztalugowym

Justyna Olszewska-Świetlik, N. Gruszczyk



The aim of this article is to study some technology and technique of casein tempera aspects. Most information in former written sources refers to lime casein, which was used as a binder in wall painting or as a joiner’s wood glue. Some already carried out research of the old painting technique indicates that beginning in the Middle Ages through the Renaissance and the Baroque, in the composition of binders casein could be identified. This fact proves that the importance of this binder in old painting was larger than known treatises and manuscripts reveal. The paper contains the results of some practical technology and technique studies of some selected, used in easel painting (on wood and on canvas), casein temperas. On the basis of that research, the way of the selected binders performance and their properties are presented. They can be used for artistic purposes as well as in the conservation and restoration work. 

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