Materiały i konstrukcja wybranych reliefów Henryka Stażewskiego

Agata Warszewska-Kołodziej



The first reliefs appeared in the achievements of Henryk Stażewski around 1956. Artist made these objects in large quantities to the mid seventies. Each new series was built in a slightly different way, sometimes with the use of new materials. The kind of material often decides about character of works of art, as it is in metal reliefs. Similarly, a way to combine elements is very significant, for example can makes an impression of mysterious play of light and shadows, especially exposed in the white reliefs. Analyzing the importance of material and structure in the works of Henryk Stażewski, it can be concluded, that these are equivalent to other means of artistic expression, which reflect artist’s thoughts.

The essay presents seven reliefs from the subsequent series, focusing primarily on its technical construction. The main aim was to show how the way of performing this works of art had been changing and prove that this was consequent and fluent process, where each component has its origin in the earlier works.

Knowledge about the used materials and structures let the receivers better know the works of Stażewski and get new information, which are often hidden in them. Looking into the relief we can find many surprises. Artist assumed that accurate recipient would observe them from different points, reaching even deep inside of it. This is supported by the fact that the layer of color is also on parts hidden under the geometric elements. 

Artist often changed his compositions and colors of his works. The remains of his previous actions can sometimes be found under the surface of the paint and sometimes in hollows of relief. 

Słowa kluczowe

relief; sztuka abstrakcyjna; konstrukcja dzieła sztuki

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