Możliwości wykorzystania mikroskopii fluorescencyjnej UV do badania rozmieszczenia impregnatów wzmacniających w nasycanym drewnie na tle metod dotychczas stosowanych

Kinga Szczepińska, Zuzanna Rozłucka



The paper describes methods of the analysis of the extent of impregnation of historic wood with strengthening consolidants. The authors propose including the method UV-fluorescence microscopy combined with the utilisation of fluorescent markers of the applied solutions to the workshop of researchers working in this field. The reader is introduced with the basics of UV-fluorescence microscopy and the chemical nature of fluorescent markers. The test were conducted on non-painted wood and wood covered with layers of priming and paint. The solutions of Paraloid B-72 in toluene, 1-metoksy-2-propanol and dipropylene glycol methyl ether. As markers an addition of fluorescent violet (or the Lumogen dyes group) and fluorescent brighteners PER and 4BCextra (Stilbene derivatives) were used.

The proposed method met the requirements, allowing for determination of resin distribution in wood, the penetration paths of the impregnate as well as for estimation of the extent of saturation of polychrome layers, at the same time permitting photographic documentation of test results. 

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