Niektóre operacje technologiczne przyczyniające się do powstawania wad i nietrwałości skór wyprawionych (część 2)

Tomasz Kozielec



In the second part of the article author focused on descriptions of such processesof hide converting to leather as: liming (treating hide by calcium hydroxide, andsodium sulphide in the form of suspension or mash), unhairing and fleshing(by hand and machine), removing so called “dirts” from hide structure (namelyremains of follicles and hairs, pigments, fats etc) which remained after previouslymentioned processes, deliming (removing of alkaline compounds after theliming process by using of organic, mineral acids, or acidic fermented products),and bating (treating a hide by animal dungs or enzymatic preparates). The batingis the last process before tanning. Advantages and disadvantages of the processeswere emphasized.

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