Prace badawcze, stabilizacyjne i konserwatorskie prowadzone przez prof. dr Marię Roznerską przy malowidle ściennym Sąd Ostateczny z absydy zachodniej w archikolegiacie w Tumie pod Łęczycą

Ewa Roznerska-Świerczewska



The theme of study is conservation, restaurant and reconstruction of wallpaintings The Last Judgement of the Western apse of the church in Tum near Łęczyca. Mural painting technique done in wet fresco is dated about 1161 year.Was discovered in 1952–1953 by Professor Karol Dąbrowski. In the article theauthor mentions the first opencast and conservation work carried out in 1960by a team of conservators from the studio PKZ in Warsaw under the directionof Mgr. K. Stawicka and used their methods and means used. Approximates thestate of conservation of paintings from the discovery of the fresco, the firstrestoration works until the research and procedures started with Professor MariaRoznerska a finite reconstruction in 2005/2006 led by Ph.D. Ewa Roznerska--Świerczewska.

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