Dzieje budynku Collegium Maius Uniwersytetu Mikołaja Kopernika w Toruniu

Barbara Maria Gawęcka



The present article is a part of a historical documentation of Ludwik Kolankowski hall in Nicolaus Copernicus University Collegium Maius in Toruń. Maintenance and restoration of the aforementioned building was performed by a team of conservators under a supervision of prof. Bogumiła Rouba in 2008.

Collegium Maius building of Nicolaus Copernicus University is located at 3 Fosa Staromiejska street in Toruń. Originally the Industrial School was located there. After the World War I it became a seat of the Pomerania Provincial Office (till 1939). During the World War II the State Police Management Board, and since 1944 also the SS command centre were placed there. In November 1945 the building was transferred to a newly founded Nicolaus Copernicus University. Until a campus in Bielany was built, Collegium Maius housed: Vice Chancellor’s office, NCU administration’s offices, the Senate’s meetings hall, Deans’ Offices, lecture halls, and also studios of the Faculty of Fine Arts. Nowadays in Collegium Maius the NCU Faculty of Languages is located. 

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